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jueves, julio 19, 2007

Frivolité Bolso, Patrón

Frivolité Bolsa, Patron

Este patron lo empecé muchas veces y las mismas equivoqué. No podía dar con el orden de este proyecto. Pero alguien me pidió que se lo enseñara y le puse números y si sigues el orden... vas a la segura. Y como dice el patrón todas las anillas son 4-5-4 y los arcos mas grandes 6-6-6 y los chicos que son los puentes sólo 6 nudos dobles. El otro día lo vi un bolso chiquito que hice, en un grupo que no recuerdo, y no tengo la foto... espero encontrarla y ponerla también acá.Se van uniendo las partes a medida que se avanza.... muy concentrada.

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  • I love this pattern, which seems deceptively simple. Is it your own?
    I plan to try it, though I don't imagine I'll get as far as making a bag!
    (my apologies for not being able to write spanish...)

    Por Blogger snowy, A la/s 21 julio, 2007 17:15  

  • I'd love to be able to try doing this pattern but I'm not sure what the translation is.

    Por Blogger Melissa, A la/s 21 julio, 2007 19:24  

  • I like this design, looks simple yet still need a little bit more work to understand the sequence.

    Por Blogger ***Jon****, A la/s 23 julio, 2007 00:35  

  • Thanks for your apologies.
    -Snowy it's simple to make it but you have to be very concentrated. It's a good idea to make it... it's hard but not imposible.
    -Melissa the pattern is not mine. I've trying to find it.
    You have to follow the numbers of the rings.
    Rings: 4-5-4
    Chains longer: 6-6-6
    Chanins shorter: 6
    After ring 42 the next chain is long (6-6-6) and after ring 43, it's the first of the other side....
    That's all..
    That's the same for you Jon.
    After when you join this square with NEED or you MUST be very clever.... :)
    I hope this help you. Remember my mother tongue is spanish, so sorry for my mistakes.

    Por Blogger Memé, A la/s 23 julio, 2007 13:01  

  • Beautiful work!! I love your blog.

    Por Blogger Arlene, A la/s 09 noviembre, 2007 17:29  

  • Beautiful work, Meme'. You are sooooo SMART!!!

    Por Blogger TattingChic, A la/s 07 mayo, 2008 10:19  

  • Dear Arlene and Tattingchic,
    Thanks for your nice comments.
    I added the numbers because it's easy to follow. The first time I tried to tat this pattern, it was at the 4th ...when I finished it... after I put the numbers on a paper, of curse.
    Finally I joined eight of these and made a bag.

    Por Blogger Memé, A la/s 07 mayo, 2008 14:53  

  • Meme', I am curious, how did you get the numbers on the photo? Did you use ADOBE photoshop? Or something else?

    Por Blogger TattingChic, A la/s 07 mayo, 2008 15:24  

  • Tattingchic,
    I just used paint... the simple and basic paint.
    My best regards,

    Por Blogger Memé, A la/s 07 mayo, 2008 20:16  

  • I think I saw this pattern in Georgia Seitz's website. 5-6 years ago I was using it to make a triangular shawl, it was almost done, but Katrina got it. The triangular part can be repeated almost endlessly, it just needs some planing ahead (I used a 4 sheets with squares, glued together). Thank you for reminding me about this project, I may try it again.

    Por Blogger fani's tatting, A la/s 16 abril, 2009 15:43  

  • Aprendiendo a concentrarme con este patrón. Muchas gracias.

    Por Anonymous Anónimo, A la/s 07 noviembre, 2012 08:26  

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